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Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture for Pain Relief San DiegoConventional, Western medicine is brilliant in a lot of areas. People have been able to live normal lives after horrible car crashes and other near fatal accidents. And that’s because Western medicine is great at keeping people alive. But what it isn’t great at is keeping people pain-free. In fact, Western medicine defines chronic pain as pain that can be controlled or managed but not cured.

I think that’s rubbish. The human body is designed to heal itself. If it weren’t, our species would have died off long ago. For example, you get a cut. Maybe you put a band-aid on it but then you don’t think about it again. And a week later, where’s the cut? It’s gone! Because the body healed itself. The inside of the body is no different.

Well then how come we have pain that won’t go away? This answer is more than I can write right here. But here’s the short answer: when you have chronic pain, two things are happening. The first is that the brain has reduced blood flow to the area because that is what the brain was trained to do to save the entire organism- that’s us.

Secondly, chronic pain is usually diffuse and more dull or achy than it is sharp. This means the area of pain is sending weak nerve signals to the brain. Since the pain signals are weak, the brain doesn’t get a clear message of where the pain is and doesn’t do anything to shut the pain off.

And herein lies how and why acupuncture excels at the relief of chronic pain. The insertion of the needles into specific areas of the body help to strengthen those nerve signals so that the brain gets the message loud and clear: send blood to the area of pain and shut the pain off!

But, then the pain comes back a few days later. So you come back for acupuncture and we strengthen the nerve signals to the brain again. After several sessions of strengthening those nerve signals, the brain gets the point and restores normal blood flow to the area of pain and the pain goes away permanently. And the body has now healed itself.

We must remember- where there is proper blood flow in the body, there is healing and healthy tissue.